Hypoallergenic Soap

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It

Hypoallergenic SoapIt has perhaps come to your knowledge that some of the soap on the supermarket store shelves have begun to use the term "hypoallergenic" in their labels. What should be apparent to the consumer is that hypoallergenic soap  pose a far smaller risk compared to other similar products. This term first became popular on cosmetic labels back in the 1970s but was recognized more as a marketing gimmick than anything else. However, due to the new regulations by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a series of testing procedures have been implemented for such products, including the soap that you see on the shelves. Thus, you can rest assured that products marked as hypoallergenic will be far safer than not. It definitely isn't free to "upgrade" due to a higher price point, but by using such products, you can better safeguard your entire family's natural health and beauty, especially if you value face and skin care, or if you have a baby in the family.

Wide Variety - Suit Your Preferences

In view of the fact that the usage of such products can balance your skin and prevent outbreaks, I strongly urge you to begin switching the soap and shampoo you use daily to those that are hypoallergenic. In fact, the wide range of products this applies to allows you to use it for your body, hand, face as well as your laundry and dishwashing. No matter what kind of product you are used to, you can use a similar body lotion, facial cleanser, liquid soap, liquid lotion soap, 3.2 oz bar soap or even a foaming hand wash. If you have been using Castile or tar soaps for a long time, you can still use the hypoallergenic version of the same product! What this basically means is that the type of soap you use can still be the same and you need not make a radical change to enjoy the same benefits.

Have Very Sensitive Skin? Protect with Hypoallergenic Soap

While such soap is indeed intended for the sensitive skin crowd, and is thus best for sensitive skin or those with eczema, it does not mean that it isn't suited for other skin types. On the contrary, it can be used with all skin types and can balance your skin without the use of a lot of chemicals which could set off allergic reactions or result in skin irritation. Instead, it uses other beneficial ingredients such as lye, that forms the base of the alkaline solution to maintain a decent acidity level, as well as glycerin, which will augment your beauty through softening your skin. For those who need thorough washing, there is also an entire range of antimicrobial soap that is gentle on the skin. If your skin dries easily, then emollient body lotion or natural bar soaps could be perfect for your skin care as it prevents over drying your skin.

Clean and Green

Most suppliers and producers nowadays, forced by strict regulations, conform to a set of rules that forbid them from using certain ingredients in their product, not because it poses a threat to the consumer, but more so because it poses a threat to the environment if overused. However, there are still a few unregulated substances that can be used. It would thus be safest to use hypoallergenic products if you wish to avoid animal by-products or oils, fragrance and scents. These products cannot contain such ingredients due to the small range of elements that are permitted to go into these products. This also means that staunch Buddhists or Muslims can try using pure and natural hypoallergenic products should they wish to avoid "contact with animals".
As abovementioned, the use of hypoallergenic soap in any way, shape or form is highly recommended for its numerous benefits. In this way, you will enjoy the benefits of a "government-approved" product and be able to relax knowing that your parents, spouse or children, are in no way going to be suffering from skin damage or rashes due to a wrong choice of product nor are they going to break out in fever or trigger their allergic reaction. In light of this, the next time you visit the supermarket to purchase body bath or shampoo for your hair, consider a brand that is hypoallergenic. After all, great reviews from satisfied customers can't be a lie after all.
*Popular Hypoallergenic Soap Products
  • Pears Transparent Soap
  • Dial Basics Hypoallergenic Soap
  • Kirk's Natural Castile Soap
  • Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion
**Extra Skin Test Information (facial cleansing)
Those who wish to use soap on their faces should never just go ahead and do it. Instead, use a skin test to ensure that it is safe before proceeding to apply it on your face. The user basically applies the soap to the back of the ear or around the ear for a minimum of three days. If no adverse effects arise (such as spots, redness etc.), then it is relatively safe for facial application.

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