Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hypoallergenic Soap

While this blog is mainly about hypoallergenic laundry detergent, I thought that I should also probably touch a little on hypoallergenic soap. In my painfully limited dicitonary (in my head), soap basically has two definitions. From what I understand, it can either be in bar form or in liquid form. Hey, no surprise there! (note: I assume that liquid form and foam form are the same so nope, I didn't forget it or anything)

While I understand that there are many hypoallergenic soap brands, I am only going to state a few here. I think there is no point to differentiate between hypoallergenic bar soap or liquid soap so I will just put them all together.

Dr Bronner's Hypoallergenic Soap
Okay the one I'm talking about here is the "baby mild" unscented liquid wash. You should be able to find this in mainstream grocery stores or if not, you would most definitely be able to find it online.

While this is a great wash, it isn't the best solution if your skin is ultra-sensitive (it's main drawback). This is because of the exceedingly akali content which might irritate you. While I have seen great comments on this product, it seems that it is best used away from sensitive areas.

One interesting thing about this product is that there are many varieties (in terms of scent - like peppermint, lavendar, just to name a few)

Aveeno Body Wash - Green cap (recommended by user's dermatologist)
You can use the Shave Gel for shaving your body hair and the body wash for well, washing your body! This product comes recommended by my friend's dermatologist and is "extremely mild such that it wouldn't irritate you at all". The bottle doesn't have the words hypoallergenic on it so many those with allergies to avoid this.

Should be widely available in drugstores and I haven't been able to find any other complaints about this product.

Cetaphil cleanser (purportedly doesn't qualify as a soap but I will put it here anyway. Friend is adamant that it is a cleanser and not a soap)

Okay this is one of the most common and highly recommended hypoallergenic soap. This is also purportedly one of the "best hypoallergic soap you can find out there" and many doctors recommend it, especially for the sensitive female private parts.

There is a face wash version of this but the one you want is really the Cetaphil liquid cleanser. If you are not sure of the variety to choose (or if you even have a variety to choose from), the "Gentle Skin" one should be best for really sensitive skin.

While this may seem all good and all, there is a major flaw (according to reviews), and that being the fact that it can't perform its most important function well. When I say that, I actually mean cleaning. It supposedly isn't able to clean very well so if you have outbreaks, it is recommended that you try a different brand. Of course, if your skin is just purely sensitive and you aren't really prone to outbreaks, go ahead and use this.

Final Disclaimer here, I may have tried some of the above but definitely not all of it. Instead, whatever I have written above is based on the reviews of real people who have really tried these products. While I cannot vouch for its complete truth, I would say that these reviews are as close as you can get to it. Thanks for your understanding.


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