Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent

Eco friendly laundry detergent is something that appeared on the market only a few years ago. Seventh Generation and Planet are examples of detergent companies that produce eco-friendly home cleaning products.

eco friendly laundry detergentIn today's day and age, the dreadful effects of Man's actions have finally caught up to us. We can already feel the effects of global warming and it has been reported that glaciers at the North and South Pole have both begun to melt. This calls for actions not only from international bodies, but also corporations and individuals.

We people have the power to effect a collective change on this Earth and we should all do our part to contribute. In fact, it does not take much to do so. We just need to purchase products certified environmentally friendly, such as environmentally friendly laundry detergent . According to Seventh Generation, if every US household were to replace one bottle of petroleum based detergent with plant-based ones (the type they produce), about 150 thousand barrels of oil would be saved. That is sufficient to heat and cool 8500 homes for an entire year!

Below I will be reviewing several eco friendly laundry detergents to help you make a choice on which to purchase if you intend to purchase one.

Biokleen Free & Clear Laundry Liquid
While I was unable to verify its eco-friendly claims, which is by the way, an extremely long list, but I was able to confirm that it wasn't able to perform up to my expectations. 
Eco-friendly claims:
1. Hypoallergenic
2. Biodegradable and Ozone Safe
3. Contains no phosphate, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents
Instructions for treating the stains: Pre-treat stains by applying directly to stain, gently rub in and launder as directed.

While it was able to remove dirt and cause stains to fade, the milo I poured onto it was still very visible after the test. This would be a suitable solution for something like light soiling. Definitely not recommended for heavily soiled clothes.

Planet Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent
Eco-friendly claims:
1. Hypoallergenic
2. Biodegradable and Ozone Safe
3. Not tested on animals
4. Phosphate free

Stain instructions: If heavily soiled, add an extra 1 oz. of detergent.
I was very disappointed with this detergent. While I found many positive reviews of this detergent online, I guess it was recommended more for its ability to prevent allergies (it is hypoallergenic). Dirt cannot be removed easily and while stains faded a little, they were still very visible after the wash. Not recommended if you think you soil your clothes often. Good for those with allergies though.
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Laundry Detergent
This detergent was best in removing all the stains and was able to remove even the milo. Dirt was nearly unnoticeable.